Sunday, October 16, 2011

Everything's going well....

Good news: Renney's at my house.

Bad news: we had to tow her to my house.

Worse news: Some tweakers stole my radiator.


So, basically, this is taking WAY longer than it should have.

BUT D's no longer working on my car. Instead of D (father of Ll), we have G working on it, and while I haven't talked to him, much, my parents both like him a lot better, and he's fixed my truck before.

So that's good.

And, on the other good news realm, I'm back at school (without a car) where my incredibly talented friend M lives, and she said that she'd like to design some of those silly family decals for my back windshield. We've debated doing little stick figures of the crew of Serenity, or GlaDos and several personality cores, or just one person and like 25 cats.