Monday, February 7, 2011

Stuff is happening rather quickly

Texts that I got from Ll in the past few days:

Me: how goes it today?
Ll: Pretty good workin on it
Me: kay*

Today, at work:
Ll: So we need the mounts for the rabbit, the engine mounts are 18.99 for with 1 year or 90 with lifetime, and the tranny mounts are 14.99 or 24.99 we also need a part for the timing mechanism and its either 22.99 33.99 or 76.99
Me: give me a total price cause the way you worded that i have no idea what that means
Ll: okay with the lower prices it will be around 150 for the mounts and another 50 for the drive belt piece
Ll: 200 is what I'm saying.
Me: okay. what would be the advantage of getting more expensive parts?
Ll: Ummm easier to get some of them have limited lifetime warranties. But that really only covers manufacturer defaults.
Ll: Chief Mechanic says no reason to get the expensive ones unless you live on a road like mine and S's. So do you wanna go pick those up today?

Ll: (...) no rush until this weekend. But good news is these are the last parts we need to buy unless something else comes up. I should be able to stay up at D's all weekend if I get that truck so we may even be able to get the whol thing finished this weeked
Ll: end**
Me: Awesome okay. (...) so it wasn't too damn broken way it?
Ll: Nope. Like I said it wanted to run, honestly most of what we have to do is general maintence tune up stuff that you would have had to do to the motor at 150k+ miles anyways. Its at 170k right now. Basically in short you scored like a person of unspecified gender and race stealing a 60" plasma screen.
Me: haha. xD best metaphor of the day.
Me: no electric problems?
Ll: That has yet to be seen, but so far all the lights work the radio even kinda works so I'll assume no major electrical problems. But that's the easy part in these old cars, our main focus is just getting it started to make it run.
Me: all the interior is just cosmetic stuff?
Ll: Yeah and thats desegnated your job.

Are you squeeing now? I'm squeeing. $200 more and I have a car with a trashed interior!
But if it involves fabric in any way, I can do it, and if I can't, I can learn it (I also have upholstery experience, a small bit of welding experience, and working with fake leather and other problem fabrics. I'm pretty sure I can handle this).

I agree with Ll. I scored like AFGNCAAP stealing a 60" plasma screen from a grue.

*See? I'm an interesting person. I send texts like "kay."

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  1. Dude. I totally commented on your last blog, but I don't see it. And I forgot what it said. Something about being jealous that your engine is going to be pink.

    Anyway, this is very very very very good news, yes? Possible ECCC road trip?